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Friuli Mandi Nepal Namastè - english version

I often wonder... why Nepal? has been a journey, a trek towards the 8000 meter peaks...breaks in villages like those in documentaries... people who smile and seem like a photo in a guide book... Namastè, they say to you when they meet you... I greet the God that resides within you. I do not remember who said it... do you hear?...It is like us saying "mandi"... I put you into God's hands. Faces that remind you of other people you have seen... figures that move slowly up the ridges with garlands... the smell of wood and smoke... sensations...form so far away, yet and so strangely close to something already seen... This is how the Friuli Mandi Nepal Namastè, an international non-profit-making organisation, was set up in 2005. The images, produced by the Television Productions of the Press Office of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, tell the stories of our projects.
produzione: Ufficio Stampa RAFVG
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